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Spirituality Counseling

Do you find yourself yearning for more purpose and drive in life?

Do you want to find meaning behind the pain and suffering you’ve endured?

Do you want to discover and clarify your spiritual beliefs, but don’t know where to start?

Do you need support in developing your own spiritual beliefs and identity?

Do you want to find mental health healing, within the framework of your spiritual or religious beliefs?

Are your concerns and worries showing up as existential and spiritual in manner?

Spiritual wellness is an important aspect of our lives and can impact every area of our lives. Spirituality can be defined as “having a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves” and “how one constructs the purpose of their life, their potential, and meaning behind life experiences”.

At times we may feel our mind, body, and soul are not aligned, and therefore feel the imbalance and disruption in our day to day.

If you are looking to navigate further exploring and developing your sense of self, worldview, and spiritual beliefs, at ICW we have counselors who are passionate about joining you on that journey.

If you are looking to navigate life challenges and mental health difficulties, within the lens of your spiritual or religious beliefs, our counselors who specialize in spirituality counseling can help you to do so in an authentic and safe manner.

Our spirituality is a deep and personal part of our lives and is impacted and impacts all parts of our story. Counseling can be an amazing place to develop a purpose and sense of self that feels authentic and empowering, as we navigate an ever changing, beautiful, and at times difficult world.

If you identify with any of the above and would like to explore therapy options, please reach out to us. We are here to support you and help you on your journey of spiritual growth and mind, body, and soul alignment.

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