• Understand. Heal. Grow.
    We Can Do This Together

    We are so glad to see you!

    Our group of therapists are eager to support, encourage, and collaborate with you on your therapy goals. We are grateful that you came to our space and will strive to provide a safe and warm spot for you to land and do the hard stuff!

    Our Values: 

    Acceptance, Authenticity, Curiosity, Empowerment, Equity, Safety 

    Our Purpose: 

    Integrated Counseling and Wellness believes in partnering with you in the messy and beautiful parts of your healing. We believe that presenting our most authentic self is essential to helping you feel safe being your authentic self. We strive toward equity in our care, growing in our stories so we can help you grow in yours. We hope you allow us to hold space for you as we unravel the complexities in the wholeness of your being. 

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