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Group Counseling

We believe that group therapy can be extremely beneficial to clients’ healing. Groups can offer a variety of resources to a client such as feeling part of a community, feeling seen, learning new skills & information that can help and support your individual growth. Our groups shift and change often and we offer a variety of options. Please explore our current group options below, and check back for updates!

ADHD: Who is She?

ADHD is so much more than not being able to sit still or forgetting where you put your keys (again…) This weekly processing group will teach participants about the symptoms, sub-symptoms and strengths of ADHD. Participants will get the opportunity to explore how ADHD has impacted their sense of self and will collaborate with peers and facilitators on symptom management strategies.  Clients do not need a formal ADHD diagnosis to participate.

Age: Open to anyone 18+ 
Time: Ongoing Group; Wednesdays from 12:30 - 2:00 PM

Cost: $30 per session (insurance accepted)

Group Clinicians: Sydney & Devan

Emergence Group

Emergence is a bi-weekly group that meets every other Tuesday at 7:00pm-8:15pm. This group is for trans adults 18+. Emergence is a counseling group for gender variant adults. This group focuses on transness and gender queer experiences and fosters a community for support and interaction from folx who may hold similar identities. Emergence addresses gender queer specific issues and offers practical and emotional support for these concerns but does not limit topics of conversation to trans specific issues. We believe that human concerns are trans concerns and hold space for individuals in this community and their lives as a whole. This group is run by non-binary clinician Alix Hegy.

Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents is a biweekly process group that combines education and support to those who have experienced narcissistic abuse by their parents, caregivers and other attachment figures.

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