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  • Training Policies & Procedures

    Education & Training Disclosure Statement

    This disclosure statement provides continuing education participants with information regarding program policies and procedures pertaining to education and training provided by ICW. Please note that not all of our trainings are NBCC approved and offer NBCC hours. If a training offers NBCC hours, this will be reflected on the training page.

    Program Information 

    The following information is available to all participants and possible participants in programs offered: 1) program registration requires 2) program content description and learning objectives 3) names and qualifications of program presenter(s) 4) NBCC hours offered for the completion of the program *if applicable 5) provider contact information, including mailing address, telephone number, email address, and website address (this information can be found below).

    Confidentiality of Information

    Your information will be collected for the purpose of registration. Any information gathered will be protected in a secure file. Your information will not be disclosed and during the presentation, you understand that any information by you is being recorded and can be accessed by participants of the program in the future. ICW cannot protect information that you willingly release during the presentation. It is against policy to share recordings of the presentation with anyone other than yourself. 

    Program Records

    NBCC requires that information from the program is maintained for at least five (5) years. ICW has adopted the same policy for live trainings. Information maintained includes program roster information and participant evaluations. This information will be maintained in a secure file that program presenters and administrative staff at Integrated Counseling and Wellness have access to. 

    Program Fees 

    Program fees includes participation in the live presentation, access to the recording of the live presentation, any materials used for the presentation, the continuing education credit assessment provided at the end of the training, and a certification of completion.

    Cancellation and Refunds 

    We require at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation prior to the date of the live presentation to receive a partial refund. For a full refund you must provide at least 5 business days’ notice of cancellation. Upon completion of the program, if you believe the training does not meet the identified objectives and you would like a refund, please see the participant complaint, and dispute section below. 

    If the provider needs to cancel a presentation, then all participants will be notified and refunded in full. 

    Participant Complaints and Disputes 

    If the program did not meet your expectations based on the program description or does not meet the described learning objectives, you may file a complaint with Alyssa Wright, owner of Integrated Counseling and Wellness. Alyssa Wright will evaluate your complaint and determine how to proceed. If Alyssa Wright is the facilitator of the training, then complaints may be filed with Brianne Dixon, ICW’s Lead Therapist, whose information can be found below. All complaints, disputes, and grievances made to the provider must be reported to NBCC within sixty (60) days of the provider’s knowledge of the complaint, including all related written communication and materials. *For trainings not approved by NBCC, reporting is not required.

    Bri Dixon, M.Ed., LPC, NCC: