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Racial Identity & Racial Trauma

Race and racism are subjects that we are told by society are not “safe” topics to discuss. People of color understand that the option to stay silent on topics of importance is the very definition of privilege. We understand that the social construct of race has been interwoven into the fabric of our society. If we speak up about race or the impacts of racism, we can be labeled as difficult. On the contrary, if we play it safe and placate white feelings by downplaying our hurt about microaggressions, we can feel guilt and shame later about not speaking up. So often, people of color are left questioning themselves, and these questions get internalized over time. Here at ICW, we can safely unpack some of those internalizations and realize how much inner strength we have, on the path to healing.

We recognize the frequent exhaustion of code switching in social spaces, and offer a space for a person to be who they are without judgment. We discuss how translating languages between multiple generations can add increased roles and responsibilities to a person, and how expectations within a family system can impact the individual. We explore how various cultures and identities navigate the world through various world lenses.

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Racial Identity & Trauma Specialists

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