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Nature-Based & Experiential Services

At ICW, we approach therapy using a variety of experiential practices. Below you’ll find information about nature-based therapy and experiential services, including somatic practices.

Nature-Based Therapy 

Nature based therapy is an experiential, collaborative, and relational therapy that incorporates Nature as well as the clinician’s therapeutic guidance to support you in your therapeutic goals and concerns. 

Nature-Based Therapy invites clients to commune in nature to explore their presenting issues and use the natural power of healing in nature settings. Nature Based Therapy is more than a walk and talk in the sense that we are connecting and exploring contact with nature and allow nature to be a natural teacher in the healing process. Being in nature naturally slows and lowers our nervous system. 

Other benefits of Nature based therapy include:

  • Orienting and grounding
  • Resourcing
  • Create more openings and exercises for therapy interventions in a natural environment
  • Integrations
  • Up regulating emotions
  • Natural mindfulness

Nature-based therapy can include: 

  • Sensory nature walks
  • Fly fishing
  • Connection with the elements
  • Natural sand tray/play therapy
  • Connection with the beings in nature

Our clinician, Alex Capraro, has received extensive training in Nature-Based Therapy. Read more about her below or jump on in and contact us today. 

Walk & Talks, Integration of Nature, & Mindfulness

We have several other therapists who are interested in receiving nature-based training and certifications and are passionate about integrating nature into sessions with clients. These therapists may take sessions with you outside for a walk and talk, or use elements of nature throughout sessions, as well as nature-based mindfulness interventions. Reach out and talk to your therapist about what this might look like in sessions. 

Somatic Practices  

Through somatic practices, our therapists will invite you to become more connected to your body. For many people, there is a major disconnect between our minds and our bodies. Using somatic practices, your therapist will invite you to slow down, connect to the sensations in your body, practice breathing, mindfulness, and grounding strategies to increase your emotional awareness and healing. 

Nature's Therapists: Blending Adventure with Insight

Meet your outdoor guides: uniting Nature’s healing with experiential wisdom. Embark on a therapeutic adventure with us!

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Nature-Based Therapy