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    Nicole Bridge, Clinical Intern

    Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am a 3rd year master’s student intern in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have been working with clients for just under a year, and prior to that most of my clinical work with individuals has been at university counseling centers and working with adults and adolescents in RTC settings and several Equine Assisted Therapy Programs.

    I am interested in working with clients experiencing a variety of mental health concerns. My specific interests lie in relationship issues, grief and loss, life transitions, self-esteem, trauma and existential/spiritual exploration. I am also passionate in working with clients from rural and ranching backgrounds. 

    When working with clients, I aim to practice from a Gestalt and Person-Centered approach where I value walking alongside you as a client as you increase your self-awareness and connection between mind and body. I aim to show up authentically and energetically to sessions and value connection in relationships both within and outside the therapy room. Therapy and growth can be challenging, and I aim to build a space of exploration and determination within the therapy room and focus on each client’s unique strengths.

    I claim 7 different states as home, but primarily Idaho, West Virginia, and Utah. I’ve grown up in small towns and spent my life traveling working on ranches and in the outdoors. In my free time you can find me in the mountains! I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my partner and riding and training horses!