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Jamie Gilbert, Contract Therapist

I not only practice a holistic approach to my life, but I integrate this philosophy into my work. I believe movement, spirituality, flow, breath, meditation, and nutrition all play an integral role in mental health and the overall health of an individual. It’s wildly important to nurture these spaces of life in order to find optimal wellbeing. I specialize in working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders, addictive disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. I will partner with you on your journey toward mental, physical and spiritual health. 

I have been working with movement for over 20 years, whether in the strength and endurance world, yoga, volleyball, tennis or gymnastics. As well, playing through life with hiking, rock climbing, exploring nature, dance, etc. I find movement to be an integral part of our mental health. I have leaned into movement from a competitive lens and now see it as a way to feel into the somatic teachings of my body, listening to and allowing energetic flow. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science, a nationally recognized certification in personal training, C-PT, as well as yoga, E-RYT, 200.  

As well, I have my Masters in Addiction Counseling, am an LPCC (Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and ADDC (Addiction Counselor Candidate). I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. I am IFS-informed and use parts work as a narrative toward growth. I am currently working on a Mindfulness Certification. As well, a good portion of my work is happening in the realm of psychedelic integration. This work combines everything I love and hold dear. Truly allowing access to deeper spaces of our human body, offering freedom from the grip of trauma, addiction, depression, etc. My world has changed by the power of this space and it’s a joy to partner with clients to watch their transformation.