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    Alix Hegy, BS, Clinical Intern

    Hello! My name is Alix, and I am a mental health counseling intern. I am currently in my 2nd year of graduate school on the path to receiving my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from University of Wyoming in May 2023. I am interested in working with people of all ages who are experiencing mental health struggles. My specific interests lie in working with the LGBTQIAP2S+ populations and creating safe spaces for marginalized communities. 

    In my first year of graduate school, I worked in a free counseling clinic on campus where I got to interact with individuals (ages 5-30) experiencing a variety of mental health concerns. I also had the opportunity to serve the LGBTQIAP2S+ population in remote crisis sessions. 

    In my free time you can usually find me taking my dog on walks, hiking, paddle boarding, and just exploring the outdoors in general. I also enjoy sitting at coffee shops with a good book or drawing equipment. 

    Pronouns: Non-binary They/them

    Age Range: Children (3-11), Adolescents (12-17), Adults (18-50)